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Man wanted for bank robbery in New York nabbed — at Eugene, #Oregon, ultimate Frisbee tournament. 

Thousands of naked bicyclists are soon expected to fill Normandale Park in Northeast Portland, which is the meeting place for this year’s upcoming World Naked Bike Ride. But some neighbors are not happy about it… . In the past, police have said they’ll look the other way as long as people wear helmets and shoes.

A superstitious children’s game apparently led 19-year-old Daniel J. Calhoon to hold his breath and pass out while driving through a U.S. 26 tunnel west of Manny on Sunday. As a result, Oregon State Police say, Calhoon caused a three-vehicle crash that injured four people. It takes drivers about 10 seconds to get through the 772-foot-long Dennis L. Edwards Tunnel cutting through the coastal range.

Bass told officers that he wasn’t a pirate but a “high-elf engaged in battle with the evil Morgoth.”
Festival of the Fungus: Features a mushroom identification clinic, demonstration by truffle-sniffing dogs, a mushroom-themed art show, mushroom tastings, and special mushroom menus offered by local restaurants. Visitors encouraged to bring found mushrooms for identification by Jake Hurlbert of the Pacific Northwest Mycological Association. Visit website to have your artwork included in the show and for other information. Noon-4 p.m. Sat, Oct. 26. Estacada Public Library, 825 N.W. Wade St., Estacada; free; or

Craigslist: $400 Rockstar looking for room $400 + deposit (Portland)

Hi my name is Dylan I am a rockstar and pretty famous. I am looking for a room in an all female party household. My interests include, John Coltrane, drugs, psychedelics, magic, sex, liquid light projectors, space/time travel, music. I self identify as female but I am externally a heterosexual male. So I am spiritually a lesbian. I have been told by girls that I am beautiful but they might have been lying. I am 22 and externally white but I identify as black.

My job is that I am a rockstar. I’m in a band.

I am willing to sleep bunkbed, floor, Tipee outside of your commune or whatever. I am a pretty savage wizard, so watch out. I respect christians, gays, buddhists, native americans, aliens, whatever. Universal Love.

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